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Drawing in Progress Our Services and Experience
Our Services and Experience

D.B.K. Engineering Ltd. is a leading MEP consulting firm in Calgary. At D.B.K., We endeavour to provide our service in a professional and responsible manner. Our firm is committed to providing modern, “state of the art” engineering technology, addressing the concerns of our clients, our community and our environment.


Consulting Engineer

Scope of Services

  • Conceptual design and development.
  • Complete design, specification and contract documentation for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects
  • Contract drafting – Electronically produced utilizing various industry standard CAD and REVIT software
  • Performance modelling as per NECB-2011 and Part 9.36 while utilizing CAN-QUEST and HOT2000 software
  • Inspection and Field Review Services
  • Commissioning of Integrated Life Safety systems
  • Building automation, operation and preventative maintenance consulting
  • Building systems management
  • Telecommunications
  • Fire alarm testing and verification
  • Design Build Services
  • Energy Analysis
  • LEED Design and Documentation




Consulting Engineer Methodology


At D.B.K. Engineering Ltd., we collect operating profiles for all major projects. This has given us considerable insight into the function of buildings which is utilized as a diagnostic tool. This resource, combined with knowledge and experience results in a proficient engineering process. Our services include the following functions:

  • Co-ordination with other consultants
  • Energy analysis of systems
  • Final selection of mechanical & electrical systems for the project
  • System analysis and control
  • Space planning for all mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Preparation of construction documents (drawings and specification)
  • Review of shop drawings
  • Attendance at design and at site meetings
  • Site reviews
Consulting Engineer Experience


D.B.K. Engineering Ltd. has a tremendous depth and breadth of experience. Dating back to the mid 1970s, we have been involved in a wide variety of projects. Our experience is comprehensive and diverse, included are the following project types:

  • Commercial Projects
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hotels
  • Medical and Laboratory Facilities
  • Residential / Condominiums / Apartments
  • Senior Citizen Lodging
  • Townhouses
  • Shopping Centres
  • Food Stores
  • Industrial / Warehouses
  • Performing Art Facilities
  • Restaurant